The SpaBerry virtual placement app allows you to view a SpaBery in any location as if it were really there. Simply place the SpaBerry logo where you think you'd like to position your SpaBerry, point your phone or tablet at it and watch as the SpaBerry comes alive. You can change colours, change the speed of the jets and rotate 360 degrees around the SpaBerry.

The App In Action


Set up the App

Download and install SpaBerry AR APP on your Apple or Android phone or Tablet.


Download and Print SpaBerry Logo

Download a PDF of our logo here. Print it and place it to scan.


Scan SpaBerry Logo with SpaBerry AR App

Load the SpaBerry Augmented Reality (AR) App and Scan SpaBerry Logo with your device


Enjoy the Show

Enjoy the amazingly realistic online demonstration of SpaBerry. Play around and get the feel of pure awesomeness.